Introduction to Christianity

REL-A 250 — Spring 2023

abstract painting splatters of black, red, blue, and yellow
Patrick Lally Michelson
Days and Times
TR 11:30AM - 12:45PM
Course Description

What is Christianity? What does it mean to be Christian? How should a Christian act in the world? Can we ever hope to recover “original” Christianity, even though we are historically, socially, and culturally so far removed from its origins? This course draws upon key texts, concepts, practices, and scholarship in the history of Christianity to engage these questions. In doing so, this course reveals that Christianity might be both a possibility and an impossibility. Grades are determined by several in-class assignments, two take-home essays, and some extra credit.

Credits: GenEd A&H, GenEd WC, CASE A&H, CASE GCC