Religion, Ethics, and Public Life

REL-R 170 — Fall 2020

Lisa H. Sideris
Days and Times
MW 10:10-11:00A + Discussion
Course Description

The world is aflame. It is a contest pitting us against them, human against animal, consumption against conservation, today against tomorrow. This course introduces students to religious and ethical issues related to these conflicts and how they shape our individual lives, American society, and the world at large. We will examine issues related to medicine and technology, especially those that seek to enhance and transform the human; the use of technologies in animals and agriculture; the consequences of climate change, geo-engineering, and energy depletion; as well as land use and food ethics. Students will become familiar with ethical argumentation and the ways in which religions contribute to ethical decision-making and activism around the globe. In other words, we will learn how to think and talk about some of the most pressing issues facing our earthly existence.


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