Prophets, Messiahs, Apocalypses

REL-A 202 — Fall 2022

Laura Carlson Hasler
Days and Times
TR 9:45 AM - 11:00 AM
Course Description

Who gets to speak for God? Does the world need saving or a reboot? This course explores the range of the ways ancient Jewish texts answered these questions. We begin with prophetic intermediaries, from Moses as law-giver and Isaiah as political advisor to Jeremiah and Ezekiel as harbingers of doom. We’ll encounter other anointed leaders, like Cyrus, along with texts that envision the overturning of the world order: Daniel, Zechariah, and 1 Enoch. We’ll ask: what political forces inspired prophetic voices in Jewish antiquity? How do these texts imagine the cosmos, divine intervention, and humanity’s ability to change the world? 

Credits: CASE A&H