Knowing the Will of God in Islam: Theology

REL-A 480 — Fall 2020

Kevin Jaques
Days and Times
MW 11:15A-12:30P
Course Description

Knowing the Will of God in the Islamic tradition is one of its most important theological and legal issues. How is it that Muslims know what God wants them to do? What are the implications of getting it wrong? And, what happens if you get it right? The course will examine issues such as 1) the nature and scope of revelation, 2) the nature of good and evil, and 3) free will vs. predestination. The course will also explore Muslim views of creation, cosmology (the nature of God, angels, jinn, demons, and Satan, life after death, especially the issue of martyrdom), and eschatology (the end times). Course Requirements: there will be weekly one page essays that discuss the readings, one midterm take- home essay, and a final written research paper that explores of the topics discussed during the class (12-15 pages).