Religion and Popular Culture

REL-R-102 — Summer 2020

Shaheer Afaqi
Days and Times
06/22/2020 – 07/31/2020
Course Description

This course explores the complex intersection of religion and popular culture. We will begin by thinking about what religion is and is not, what popular culture is and is not, and the often blurry line between the two. For the rest of the course we will examine the various ways that religion and popular culture intersect and diverge. Questions we will explore include: How can we investigate representations of various religions in contemporary popular culture? We will particularly focus on representations of Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam in American television and literature. Can popular culture provide the basis of a religion? How do religious themes and imagery relate to different dimensions of popular culture in North America, the Middle East and South Asia? Taking examples from music, film, sports, and celebrity culture, this course will discuss the multiple ways religion and popular culture influence and reflect each other. In addition, we will explore how religion and popular culture are shaped by politics, economics, gender and law.


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