REL-D 325 — Spring 2023

Rebecca Manring
Days and Times
TR 8:00AM-10:30AM; Class meets 1st eight weeks only.
Course Description

Is yoga a religion? Is it religious? Is it uniquely Hindu?​ In this class we will explore the origins of yoga in ancient Indian philosophy through close reading of selected Upanishads, excerpts from the Upanishads, Sāmkhya, and Patañjali’s Yogasūtra. We will see what early Indian thinkers meant when they used the word “yoga” and how they instructed others in the subject. Students will contemplate how yoga moved from a set of mental, philosophical practices to the physical movements with which we associate the term today. We will move from its earliest days to an exploration of how and when yoga moved out of India into European and American consciousness, and how yoga is currently practiced in India and why the current prime minister of India instituted “World Yoga Day.”