The Bible and Empire

REL-A 300 — Spring 2022

Laura Carlson Hasler
Days and Times
M 3:00PM - 5:10PM
Course Description

Is the Bible a tool of imperial power, or a force of resistance? Are subjugated people championed in biblical stories? Maligned? Ignored? In this course will introduce students to ways of reading the Hebrew Bible with attentiveness to imperial power in ancient and modern contexts. We will encounter ways of reading influenced by postcolonial, empire, gender, and trauma studies. The major questions of the course will be: What are the many ways these Bible stories represent empires? What ideas about religious and political power are discernable in these texts? What strategies of compliance, collusion, and resistance are privileged? Together, our aim will be to grapple with the challenges of reading biblical literature forged in the shadow of empire and to form our own methods of interpreting such literature today.

Credits: CASE A&H