Introduction to Islam

A270 — Spring 2022

two silhouette people meditating
Kevin Jaques
Days and Times
MW 11:30AM - 12:45PM
Course Description

This course is designed for students with little prior knowledge of Islam. We begin by learning about the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad, and about the similarities and differences between Islam and other monotheistic religions. Then we will explore how Muslims put into practice God’s teachings—and the various resulting outcomes. Questions we will ask include: What is sharia law and what does it demand of Muslims? Why does Islam look so different in, say, the Middle East and Southeast Asia? Why do some Muslims support gender equality, queer acceptance, and democratic principles while others don’t? How do Muslims respond to contemporary developments like global capitalism and climate change? Grades are based mainly on in-class assignments, two take-home assignments, and two exams.

Credits: GenEd A&H, GenEd WC, CASE A&H, CASE GCC