How to Read Religious Texts

R202 — Fall 2022

Kevin Jaques
Days and Times
MW 3:00PM – 5:30PM - 2nd 8 weeks
Course Description

Reading and understanding religious texts can be challenging, especially those that represent cultures and traditions that are unfamiliar. Words, ideas, characters, and entities are often new to you and can lead to frustrations or to interpretations that are not consistent with how people have understood those texts over time in the many different contexts in which they have been read. This course will offer a “hands on” approach to exploring and applying different ways to read and understand religious texts by providing a basic introduction to the methods and theories of interpretation (known as “hermeneutics”) that have developed since the 18th century. Each week we will apply a new theory or method to a short religious text and discuss the different ways the passage can be understood in light of the ideas we are studying.

Credits: CASE A&H