Introduction to Religion in America

REL-R 160 — Fall 2020

Cooper Harriss
Days and Times
MW 2:30-3:20P + Discussion
Course Description

What is “religious”? Who are “Americans”? We know to look for religion in churches, synagogues, or mosques, but what about ballparks, kitchens, battlefields, or automobiles? Religion is seen as a public “good,” but can it be “bad”? We often assume that “America” means the US, but what of the borders that people cross and defend from Brazil to Canada? What of networks and practices that span the Atlantic (the slave trade or common law) or the Pacific (yoga or surfing)? This course blends the familiar with the strange, exploring things we might expect (Native spirituality, the Great Awakening, the Scopes “Monkey” Trial) and others that are sure to surprise (vegetarianism, spaceships, lacrosse).


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