Religions of Asia

REL-R 153 — Fall 2020

David L. Haberman
Days and Times
TR 11:15A-12:05P + Discussion
Course Description

Why does the god Ganesh have the head of an elephant? Why did the Buddha leave the luxury of the palace? What did Confucius really say? What's so good about a worthless tree? Come find the answers to these and many other questions. This course is designed as an introduction to the major religious traditions of Asia, with special attention to Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism. While examining the historical context of each tradition, we will explore a wide range of worldviews and the variety of ways of being religious that comprise Asian religions. Issues to be explored include differing perceptions of the natural world, various understandings of the human predicament, concepts of self and human nature, and proposals for the goal of a religious life and ways of achieving it.


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