Critical Mysticisms - on Race, Sexuality, Modernity

REL-R 698 — Fall 2022

J. Kameron Carter
Days and Times
T 4:10 PM - 6:40 PM
Course Description

This course explores the impact of and convergences between medieval, early modern mysticism, and non-Western mysticisms and modern theories of race, gender, and sexuality. We will be especially interested in the connections between blackness, poetics, and mysticism. Indeed, we will consider black studies under the rubric of mysticism. Ultimately, by putting so-called “premodern” and modern texts into dialogue, and by thinking race, sexuality, and modernity with and through mysticism, this course invites a consideration of the “secular religiosity” or the parareligiosity, indeed the “atheological” nature of contemporary theory itself. At root, this course challenges the assumption that mysticism and theory are at all apolitical. Perhaps they are a fugitive imaginary of the political, an imaginary of the social.