REL-R 531: The Death of God

REL-R 531

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Days and Times
TR 9:30-10:45A
Course Description

What does it mean to say that God is dead? Does it mean that God was once alive, but is now deceased? Does it mean that God is alive, but hidden, absent, or silent and, therefore, dead to humans? Does it mean that God has never existed, but humans are only recently becoming aware of this fact? Is God dead to some people, but alive to others? And what are the consequences of God’s death? Does it obliterate the possibility of truth, morality, and order?

This course examines these and other questions by engaging the atheistic claim that “God is dead” and the various religious responses to it. To do so, we will read several of the major texts in the death-of-God literature, with the intention of exploring how competing claims about the death of God challenge understandings of culture, knowledge, life, and death.

*This course meets with REL-D 301.